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  • Blackjack 2000 Blackjack 2000 15119 plays Online flash Blackjack game
  • Blackjack Elf Blackjack Elf 14823 plays The Classic game of Blackjack. Can you beat the Elf without going bust?
  • Craps Craps 14011 plays Play casino craps.
  • Grand Roulette Grand Roulette 12911 plays Play Casino Roulette.
  • Casino Chip Challenge Casino Chip Challenge 12171 plays Guide the little chip to the exit of each zone to proceed to the next stage of this giant casino maze. The objective is always not to hit walls , objects and laser beams.
  • Let It Ride Let It Ride 11746 plays Just bet some chips and press the deal button and determine if your hand is worth keeping or dropping. The dealer will turn over one community cards and you decide if you still wanna keep or drop. There is a payout table to determine your winnings. Enjoy dealing!
  • Good Game Poker Good Game Poker 11498 plays This game combines all the strategy, skill and excitement of Texas Hold\’em plus customisable avatars with a fresh and modern style. Raise the stakes, bluff with the best but look good while you do it.
  • Video Poker Video Poker 11356 plays A nice version of video poker
  • Texas Hold 'Em Texas Hold 'Em 10877 plays The object of this game is to win everyone else's money. The game ends when you run out of money, or when all other player's run out of money. This is one of the best poker games. Enjoy!
  • The Dukes of Hazzard Hold 'Em The Dukes of Hazzard Hold 'Em 10853 plays You will compete with Daisy Duke in this very sexy game of poker. You are handed out with 250 dollars and you must win against the real clever Daisy to unlock a new set of Daisy cards.
  • Mobster Roulette 2 Mobster Roulette 2 9914 plays Here's a little life lesson: don't borrow gambling moneys from mobsters! Too late for you, though: pay back the mafia, and quick, while you can use both legs! Drive to smuggle guns, gamble to win, and stay alive!
  • Roulette Roulette 9300 plays Casino Games : make your bet Than click on the ball
  • Poker Machine Poker Machine 8917 plays Play a nice game of poker and and play the bonus round for more points. This is one cool poker game so enjoy!
  • Hot Casino Blackjack Hot Casino Blackjack 8891 plays Inspired the by the well known blackjack casino game, you must stick and twist your way to riches by getting as close to 21 while playing 5 hands of cards simultaneously. The goal of the game is to get the most points by creating as many blackjack hands as possible that add up to 21.
  • Tricky Juggler Tricky Juggler 7731 plays Make a bet, observe the juggling pattern carefully and click on the correct option.
  • Casino Dress Up Casino Dress Up 7722 plays Prepare this girl and choose a nice clothes before she go to casino.
  • Classic Concentration Classic Concentration 7628 plays This variation of the original version allows you to change the names of the cars that you are playing for!
  • Cyber Slots Cyber Slots 7284 plays Play an awesome game of slots and bet your money to win more. Are you lucky enough to take home all the pot money? Have fun!
  • Casino Royale Casino Royale 6801 plays Take your chances and bet your money on different betting games and see if you're lucky enough to sack more cash. Enjoy!
  • Video Poker-Casino Video Poker-Casino 6357 plays This casino game is based on five-card draw poker. You will have to set the bet limit and start playing the game to bring best winning combination of cards like a pair or three cards with same color.
  • Super Mario World Slots Super Mario World Slots 6163 plays Let's take a break from the usual Mario game and take our chance at the slot machine. The more line you choose, the more likely that you will win. Bet some more to win much more cash. Have fun!
  • High Hat High Hat 6073 plays The value of a three card hand is calculated by adding up the value of the cards held in any one suit. So if you have three cards of the same suit, you can add up all three. If only two cards are in the same suit you can add those, or use the value of the odd card if it is higher than the sum of the other two. If you have three different suits the value of your hand is the value of the highest card in it. The maximum hand value is 31, consisting of the ace and two ten-point cards of the same suit. A hand of 31 is the Bee's Knees. The ace is worth 11 points, the kings, queens, and jacks are worth 10, and all other cards are worth their face value. Your score is calculated at the end of each round totaling the highest point value of your hand plus the previous rounds
  • Governor of Poker Governor of Poker 5614 plays Play a game of Poker with other computer players as you try to win all their money.
  • Super Slots Super Slots 5403 plays Are you lucky enough to win some money at the slot machine and ultimately win the heart of the sexy lady?
  • Sweet Love Slots Sweet Love Slots 5261 plays Sweet Love slot game is 5-reel video game which uses the romantic theme of Valentine\’s Day featuring the symbols all associated with love: flowers, teddy bears, jewels, love notes, presents, champagne, and boxes with chocolates. Playing Sweet Love you can benefit from extra features such as bonus spins, bonus round on the second screen, multiplier and skill stop. The game also uses lovely colors and original festive music and sounds to create romantic atmosphere.
  • Joking Apart Video Poker Joking Apart Video Poker 4643 plays A flash video poker game.
  • Beat the House Beat the House 2973 plays

    Beat the House is a poker simulator. Before each hand the player can select the amount of money to bet. Then the game begins by pressing DEAL. The computer provides the player with 5 random generated cards and the player has the possibility to hold or discard each of the cards. By pressing DEAL again the discarded card are replaced with other random generated cards. The player win the hand if one of the following combination is achieved:

    ROYAL FLUSH pays 1000 x amount of bet
    STRAIGHT FLUSH pays 200 x amount of bet
    4 OF A KIND pays 80 x amount of bet
    FULL HOUSE pays 20 x amount of bet
    FLUSH pays 14 x amount of bet
    STRAIGHT pays 10 x amount of bet
    3 OF A KIND pays 6 x amount of bet
    2 PAIR pays 4 x amount of bet
    JACKS OR BETTER pays 1000 x amount of bet

    After each hand the player can save the score and quit.
    The game is over when the player loses all the money.

  • The Dukes of Hazzard Hold Em The Dukes of Hazzard Hold Em 0 plays You will compete with Daisy Duke in this very sexy game of poker. You are handed out with 250 dollars and you must win against the real clever Daisy to unlock a new set of Daisy cards. Have fun and enjoy!

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